Payment Terms Intella Liftparts


On approved accounts, terms are net 30 days, 1% Interest (Late Fees) may be charged on past due invoices.  

Credit card orders.  We will run the charge on your credit card immediately after we ship your order.   If you use a credit card to pay your open account after 30 days, a 3% fee will be added.

Returned Checks: Intella Liftparts Inc. charges $25.00 for each redeposit of a returned check. Intella Liftparts Inc. reserves the right to increase this charge without prior notice. Your account may be placed on credit hold if we experience repeated returned checks from your firm.


  • We normally ship items that are listed in our catalog the same day, provided orders are received by 5:00pm eastern time.

  • If you want to cancel an order, you must cancel before 5:00pm eastern time. If you cancel after we ship, you are responsible for all freight charges (inbound and outbound).

  • All payments must be made in US currency. Export customers please provide detailed instructions on your customs broker.

  • If you find a part missing in your order, you must call us immediately. We will ship out shortages due to our error immediately, provided parts are in stock. Freight charges for the missing parts are on us if we mess up.

  • We work with UPS and most major carriers. Please keep in mind that your carrier may have an earlier pick up time than UPS; our order cutoffs are based on our UPS pick up time. We'll try to work with your carrier and save us all some money on freight.  

  • Prices are good until we change them. We'll try to keep you posted on any major changes.   

Stock orders 

If the total amount of your order before freight exceeds $500, we'll pay the surface freight to your facility. We get to choose what freight carrier we use (unless you can give us a real good reason to use someone else). If items were backordered on your stockorder, backorder releases will be shipped freight prepaid. 

If your order exceeds $500 and you want it shipped air, the freight is your responsibility. 


The following products are all priced F.O.B. Holland Michigan "Freight Included" pricing can be provided upon request.

  • Chain

  • Seats

  • All Drop-Ship Items

  • Forklift jacks

  • Forks (special freight program; please ask us)

  • Non stock, special order items


This list is subject to change without notice.


For more details on shipping with Intella,  please request a copy of our most current freight policy by clicking         .