Introducing SIS Easy

The Blue Zone SIS Easy system is the most advanced forklift/pedestrian alarm you can find on the market today.  It warns the driver with visual signals and a buzzer.  Exclusively designed and developed for forklifts, this system helps forklift drivers become aware of pedestrians in their surroundings.  Call us at 616-796-1288 for more information and pricing.  Part number: SISEASY

How does it work?
The patented ultrasonic sensor (CySens) detects the distance of approaching obstacles (objects, persons, or structures), MiniMind display dynamically warns the driver with visual and audible alerts.  Buzzer sound frequency becomse more intense as the object comes closer.

Main features:
- easy installation. 

Check out our videos to learn more.
Video 1:  Overview of system

Video 2:  Installation overview






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