FAQ BlueSpot®

We get a fair number of questions on all kinds of forklift parts. One of the most asked questions  regards the Blue Spot light. So we thought we'd answer some of them here. Other information on the the Blue Spot Led can be found here. If you would like to buy one, you can find it here.


1- What voltages are offered?

01291248 = 12-48v dc
01291296 = 12-96v dc


2- I have a 72 volt forklift.  Can I use Blue spot?

You have 2 options

  • 01291296 = multi voltages up to 96 volts so this would be fine.

  • 01291248 =  you would need voltage converter to drop the voltage down to something between 12 and 48.  The Blue spot amp draw at 12v is only 0.7 amp.  We offer these too-->  Catalog Info here

3-   How do I connect the wires?

01291296 = integrated 12" of cable

01291248 = 2 options.  
Option 1- use 2 x 1/4" female butt connectors.  Crimp on wires, push on blue spot terminals.  It will fit tight and snug.


Option 2- Harness part number 01292001 Harness comes with approximately 12" of cable and AMP connector

4- I'd like signs on my walls so that pedestrians know what to look for.

We offer a 18x24" aluminum sign, more info on the Blue spot sign for blue forklift lights here




5- How do you wire the Blue spot into the forklift?

You can wire the lamp into a rear work light circuit or strobe circuit.  Depends if you want the lamp to always be on or only in reverse (see #5). Customers have told us that they pigtail into existing reverse/tail lights on forklifts.  

6- Do they stay on only when the truck is in reverse?

This really depends how you wire the lamp.   It's highly recommended that the blue spot be wired such that it automatically is on whenever the key switch is turned on.  That way you'll make sure your pedestrians are always protected. We recommend that a professional forklift mechanic install the blue spot.  


7- Can I get the lamp in red or green or some other color?  Red is # 67447097.  Blue is recommended, however.  Research indicates that orange, yellow, and reds are used so frequently in industrial applications that many people ignore those colors when they see them.


8- How bright is the beam of light?  

The blue spot has an effective lumen rating of 33 lumens.  It's designed to be a bright blue spot even in the brightest factory--white lights on a white floor, for example.


9- Can you use it outdoors? night it works great.  But during the day the blue spot won't display too brightly on the ground on a sunny day so we don't really recommend it for outdoor/daytime use. For outdoor use we recommend the ZoneSafe proximity alarm.  Explore here/


10- How far does it shine?

The light can be angled in a variety of different positions.  On most forklifts, the blue spot around 7-8 feet behind the forklift.  It's a geometric question really, it just depends what angle you point the blue spot at. 


11- How do you mount the blue spot to the forklift?

They are typically mounted on the overhead guard.  Many forklifts have holes pre-drilled in the overhead guard for work lights, you can use one of those holes.


12- Is there a pulse setting so it can flash a bit?  

No, it just projects the beam on the ground for people to see.

13- Do you have any more close up pictures of 01291248?


Closeup of 01291248


14- Do you have any close up pictures of 01291296?

Close up of 01291296

15- How about a closeup product video?

Sure--see below