The innovative Bluespot® blue forklift light helps avoid forklift and pedestrian collisions.  In the USA alone, there are 19,000 forklift/pedestrian accidents each year.  Sure backup alarms are effective, but what happens when employees are listening to music, talking on cell phones, or staring at the ground?

That's where the Bluespot ® blue light for forklifts can help! Install the blue light on the rear portion of the forklift's overhead guard. A focused beam of blue light will appear on the ground behind the forklift. 

Intella sells more Bluespot ® safety lights than ANYONE in the USA!  Don't buy a blue forklift light from any other online source until you research our light and understand what makes ours better than any other version out there. We offer two different versions of blue light for forklift models.

  • 01291248 - 12-48v Blue forklift light, AMP integrated plug (harness required # 01292001) IP67 3 month warranty  Order online

  • 01291296 - 9-96v UL listed Bluespot ®, integrated cable no harness required IP67 12 month warranty Order online

  • 01271248 - 9-96v Bluespot® includes harness, 6 month warranty economy (not UL)  Order online

  • 01261248 - 12-48v Red version of Bluespot ®  AMP integrated plug (harness included) IP67 12 month warranty  Order online

Our complete catalog featuring multiples types of LED lights can be viewed or downloaded here

BlueSpot Led Light -
The best light on the market

Our 01291296 is the best blue forklift light on the market.  Here are key points to consider:

  • Heavy duty, tough construction.  Metal housing, Weighs over 2 pounds (1 kg).  These lights take a beating--you don't want to have to replace these things after a year!  Our light is tough and will likely outlast the life of the forklift!

  • Stainless hardware

  • Integrated wire harness-no additional cable required.

  • Polycarbonate lens - suitable for food/FDA applications

  • UL Listed.  If your forklift is UL listed you'll see a UL logo on your forklifts data tag like here.  If you install a non UL listed blue light on your UL listed forklift you run the risk of voiding your UL safety rating on your forklift.

  • Bluespot ® specification sheet here. Red version specification sheet here


Lots in stock, ready to ship! Order the Blue Safety light or order other forklift parts at Intella Liftparts now!

89325446 - Bluespot® Sign  18"x24", 1mm aluminum, post this sign to inform pedestrians to be on the lookout for the blue forklift light!  More info here: 89325446

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Specifications document can be downloaded here

Read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the blue safety light. 


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